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Internet Services

How to top up your internet

Go to

Click on ‘online işlemler

Put in your user name/Kullanıcı Adınız – usually your name then @finet eg    johnsmith@finet

Sifre/Password – this is 4 digits long

Then press Ğiris Yap

This takes you to the page showing whether your internet is active or not and the date of expiry under this date it says Ödeme Yap – click on this to top up

Next page confirms the packet you are on and you can choose the number of months you want to top up, this is set to 1 as standard as that is the minimum – You can top up from 1 to 12 months on line, click the required number of months in the ‘Tarife Uzatma Süresi it will then confirm the amount due and press Paket Uzat

Next page confirms what you have chosen – you need to check the Kabul Ediyorum to confirm and click the Kredi Kartı ile Öde button

This takes you through to enter your credit card details – Click Gonder to send and it will then take you through to verify your payment sending a code to your mobile, once the code is entered and Gonder is pressed your internet is now topped up.

You can log out & Back in again to check it was succesful as it will now have the new date of expiry


Problem solving

If topping up your internet does not re-instate the service then you may need to contact Finet

This can be done via the website by clicking on the Sizi Arayalım mı? Button off the homepage

Enter your name

Your log in name and telephone number

On receipt of this they will check the line and if there is a problem they will contact you


Or you can call them on 0850 840 4515

This is answered by an automated service, asking for area code which is 48 so press 48 and then service code press 1.  I have found the operators here speak enough English to help