Purchase Costs

When purchasing a property in Turkey there are of course a number of fees involved and below is a summary of the costs you will incur and what you can expect to have to set aside on top of the purchase price for all relevant fees.

Many official costs are set in Turkish Lira and therefore the amount in your home currency

will change according to exchange rates at that time.

Initial Costs in Turkey: 

- Translation of passport, approximately 200tl per person

- Notary costs for drafting Power of Attorney, approximately 1000tl 

- Official Translator fee, approximately 300tl                 

(Please note that costs vary as it is costed on number of words/letters within the document and depends on how many clauses and restrictions are added)

For costs based on obtaining a Power of Attorney in the UK please contact us


Final Stage Costs:

- Purchase Tax (like Stamp Duty) is 4% of the declared amount **(please see footnote)

- Solicitors Fee, averages £750-1000 

- Survey/Home Report (compulsory to determine tax valuation) 1,800TL to 3,,000YTL from 1st January 2022 subject to location and size of property

- Duty Tax, approximately 1530tl                                                                              

- Deed administration fee 500tl

- DASK (Compulsory Government Insurance), varies but approximately 250tl/500ytl subject to size of property

- Estate Agent fee is 3% of the agreed purchase price   

- Bank fees for sending and receiving money to Turkey, please note that from 21st January 2022 that the property must be paid in Lira via the Central Bank of Turkey - your agent or Legal advisor will complete this process for you in order to obtain the Foreign Exchange certificate required to complete the purchase.  This could mean a fluctuation in the price being paid for which we suggest allow up to 1% of the purchase price.


*Footnote** The declared amount is generally lower than the true purchase price. Under declaration is common in Turkey and the value will be determined on the Home Report/Survey. Generally a reasonable declaration is around 75-85% of the true value and is normally deemed acceptable by the Local Council.                       

After Sale Costs:

- Private comprehensive house insurance (Buildings & Contents) is optional and price varies, approximately 800tl +

- Costs associated with registering and connecting to Aydem electric, approx. 275tl-520tl

- Costs associated with registering and connecting to Muski water, approx. 135tl-200tl

Other Costs to Consider are Annual/Ongoing Payments:

Annual maintenance fee for pool and garden upkeep is compulsory if your property is part of a communal complex and prices vary depending on the complex size and onsite facilities (ie. onsite security guard)/ Typically this fee can be £500-750 annually for an apartment and £750-1000 for a communal villa. When you own a private villa with private pool and garden you are able to instruct your own property manager and maintenance company and the price depends on how many months you wish to run your pool, pool size and how landscaped your gardens are. Typically a private pool/garden maintenance is around £1200-1500 PA.


Council rates & property taxes are dependent upon property type, area & size of property and declared value on the Tapu/deed. It is paid annually at the local Post Office by presenting a copy of your TAPU (around April) and is usually less than £100 per year. It is around 0.1% per person of the declared property value.

DASK (compulsory earthquake insurance) is paid annually, but at the time of your property purchase your Solicitor will already have put a Policy in place. This can easily be renewed with your comprehensive house insurance annually and most Insurance Brokers in the area will accept credit card/online payments for easy renewal if you are not in country.

Electricity/gas & water utilities – Dependent on personal consumption and on individual meters.  A deposit is required by the Utilities Companies when registering new ownership and once set up in your name, the bills can be paid by cash at the Post Office or by Direct Debit through your Bank.

Internet varies depending on provider and package. You can opt for the simple wifi mobile box with someone like Vodaphone for 50tl-100tl credit per month (8mg up to 12mg) being sufficient for holiday usage and easy to add credit locally as and when you arrive in resort, or you can pay for an annual installation which is around 90tl per month for unlimited, but these providers generally have an initial cost for set up and for the modem and satellite dish of around 1000tl

TV packages: Most people opt for NetFlix accounts, Amazon Prime and BBC IPlayer, but if you wanted to opt for a satellite package with a provider like DSmart they have options to suit all from 22tl per month for the basic package, up to 75tl per month for full HD sports and film packages.


Disclaimer: All of the above costs are for guidance purposes only and are subject to change. The legalities, processes and costs change regularly in Turkey, so although we use our best endeavours to ensure the information is correct, the figures quoted can change.

Please contact us for a quote based on your chosen property